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On 1st of October 2009 it was held the Third Regional Tax Conference, whose host and organizer this year was the National Revenue Agency of the Republic of Bulgaria. On the Conference, which presents traditional annual meeting of the highest management of the tax authorities from the Balkan region, the main topic of discussion, common cooperation and exchange of experience was “Efficient cooperation in the area of tax control”.
Bilateral cooperation - Joint tax audits of Albania and Macedonia
In the area of intensive international cooperation established between the tax authorities of Republic of Macedonia and Republic of Albania, a workshop on “Future challenges of tax inspectorates” is taking place, between 23th and 25th of September 2009 in Tirana. The main goal of the workshop is to specify the measures and activities for joint action of the tax inspectorates in the following period with aim of prevention and detection of tax evasion, as well exchange of experience in the area of ...
Annual Work Program (AWP) 2010 for implementation of the Fiscalis 2013
The National Coordination Team from the Republic of Macedonia on 25-26 of June in Sankt Lambrecht, Austria took part in the Workshop for the Annual Work Program (AWP) 2010 for implementation of the Fiscalis 2013 program.
PRO Annual Report for 2008
The Public Revenue Office “Annual Report for 2008” marks one more year of the 66-th year work of the Macedonian Tax Administration. The publication presents the most important indicators and figures on taxes and it is a significant source of information to introduce you to the results of the Tax Administration in the past 2008, and economic and tax issues in Republic of Macedonia.
PRO commences realization of the Fiscalis 2013 Program
On 2 April 2009 in Brussels, Belgium it was held the 4th Fiscalis Committee on which it was present the National Coordination Team from the Republic of Macedonia, responsible for the implementation of the Fiscalis 2013 program.
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