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Signed Memorandum of Cooperation between the Public Revenue Office and the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce
On July 11, 2018, the Director of the Public Revenue Office, Ms. Sanja Lukarevska and the President of the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce, Ms. Danela Arsovska, signed Memorandum of Cooperation, which confirms the commitment of the two institutions for increased activities for fight against the gray economy, regulation of the unregistered “black” activities in the labor market, improving of cooperation between taxpayers and the Public Revenue Office, as well as joint planning and organization of seminars, debates, business forums.
Simplification of the tax procedures for farmers
Reduced threshold for registration of farmers – providers of activity to 1 million denars According to the latest amendments of the Law on Personal Income Tax (Official Gazette no. 80/93...190/2017), the income that natural persons will incur from selling their own agricultural products to payers who keep business records and to individuals outside the points of sale on green markets, shall be taxed by deduction/withholding of the tax when paid by the payer who carries the redemption, on a tax base that represents the difference between income and the standardized costs in the amount of 80%, and the threshold for registration of these taxpayers as providers of activity is reduced from 1.300.001 denars to 1.000.001 denars.
Representatives of the Montenegro Tax Administration and the Estonian Tax Administration were on a working visit to the Public Revenue Office where they exchanged experiences in the area of…
PRO’s Director General Handover Ceremony
On the occasion of handover ceremony, a meeting was held between the newly appointed Acting Director General of the Macedonian Tax Administration, Ms.Sanja Lukarevska and Ms.Anastasija Ilieska, departing the position. On the meeting several topics were discussed, including the current issues concerning the Public Revenue Office, the challenges, as well as the modernization and upcoming tax reforms. “To be appointed as Director General of the Public Revenue Office is challenge for each Tax Officer. With my long experience in the Public Revenue Office, to be the “Head Tax Officer“ and to lead and steer the tax administration is great responsibility...
Bilateral meeting of the first tax servants from Macedonia and Montenegro
The director of the Public Revenue Office Ms. Anastasia Ilieska today (Tuesday) 01.11.2016, in the premises of PRO Headquarters Skopje, met with the delegation of the Tax Administration of the Republic of Montenegro, led by General Director Mr. Miomir Mugosa, accompanied by deputy directors Mr. Sreten Grebovikj and Mr. Dragan Jankovikj. Both sides, mutually shared the opinion that today's meeting is a good start and an example for further successful cooperation, primarily a good opportunity to discuss constructively directly for the everyday challenges faced by the administrations of the two countries, and particularly from both sides, was welcomed the principle of a helping hand, i.e. cooperation on bilateral level...
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