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Public Relations

Bilateral cooperation - Meeting between the first tax officials from Macedonia and Kosovo
(Skopje, August 22, 2018) The Director of the Tax Administration of Kosovo, Sakip Imeri and the high senior management representatives of the Kosovo Tax Administration started the two-day bilateral visit in the Public Revenue Office. At the meeting, the Director of the Public Revenue Office, Sanja Lukarevska emphasized the current cooperation with the Tax Administration of Kosovo, as well as the Macedonian Tax Administration’s readiness to continue with exchange of experiences with the colleagues from Kosovo in all areas of mutual interest, in the forthcoming period...
Signed Memorandum of Cooperation between the Public Revenue Office and the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce
On July 11, 2018, the Director of the Public Revenue Office, Ms. Sanja Lukarevska and the President of the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce, Ms. Danela Arsovska, signed Memorandum of Cooperation, which confirms the commitment of the two institutions for increased activities for fight against the gray economy, regulation of the unregistered “black” activities in the labor market, improving of cooperation between taxpayers and the Public Revenue Office, as well as joint planning and organization of seminars, debates, business forums.
Director Sanja Lukarevska at the Summit of the National Banks Governors, Finance Ministers and Tax Administration Directors of the region
(Becici, 14-16.06.2018) The Director of the Public Revenue Office, Sanja Lukarevska, attended the Summit of the National Banks Governors, Finance Ministers and Tax Administration Directors of the region, which was held from 14th to 16th of June 2018 in Becici, Republic of Montenegro on the topic "Financial and Monetary Stability in the Region Ten Years After the Global Financial Crisis"...
Simplification of the tax procedures for farmers
Reduced threshold for registration of farmers – providers of activity to 1 million denars According to the latest amendments of the Law on Personal Income Tax (Official Gazette no. 80/93...190/2017), the income that natural persons will incur from selling their own agricultural products to payers who keep business records and to individuals outside the points of sale on green markets, shall be taxed by deduction/withholding of the tax when paid by the payer who carries the redemption, on a tax base that represents the difference between income and the standardized costs in the amount of 80%, and the threshold for registration of these taxpayers as providers of activity is reduced from 1.300.001 denars to 1.000.001 denars.
Wednesday, 06.12.2017 09:00 - 11:15, EU Info Centre, Skopje
EU support for simplified procedures for reporting and payment of Personal Income Tax for tax payers – individuals
On Wednesday, 6 December 2017 at 09.00 hrs, a public event for promotion of the EU assistance to the Public Revenue Office will take place at the EU Info Centre, Skopje. At the event, official addresses will be delivered by: Nicola Bertolini - Head of Cooperation of the Delegation of the European Union, Dragan Tevdovski - Minister of Finance, Sanja Lukarevska - Director of PRO and Elena Petrova - PRO Project Coordinator...
(Skopje, 28.11.2017) The new Contact Center of the PRO meets all standards for providing fast, easy and quality tax service. The improvement of the conditions and access to our services, including the most vulnerable categories of our society, the development of user-oriented services for companies and citizens, enabling electronic communication with our clients in everyday work, easier access to tax information, reduction of administrative costs and simplifying the procedures are the goals we have achieved together with our partners and with EU support of 1.5 million euros provided by IPA funds, through which we have implemented seven projects. The PRO contact center has...
Within the Program for marking the "Tax Servants Day" and the Program for social responsibility of the Public Revenue Office, through active cooperation with the Union organization of the PRO, we continue to focus on the most vulnerable categories of citizens, the youth, the PRO employees, the environment through organizing blood donation and humanitarian action, raising the awareness and dedication of the tax administration for the protection of the environment, continuous education of the youth to strengthen the tax awareness...
Inter-Parliamentary Relations Parliamentary Group of the Verhovna Rada of Ukraine visited the Public Revenue Office
(Skopje, 22.11.2017) Within the working visit of the four member parliamentary group from Ukraine in the Public Revenue Office, experiences and good tax practices were exchanged in the area of the Personal Income Tax, the Value Added Tax and the Profit Tax, as well as the challenges and trends in taxation.

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