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UJP.GOV.MK declared as Best Site for State Institutions

PRO’s web site is declared as "Best Site for State Institutions" on this year’s manifestation “Site of the Year 2013”, which was held fourth time with aim popularization of the Macedonian websites through affirmation of the most quality, most impressive and most innovative portals.

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From 1st of October - PRO Regional Offices with a new working hour until 18:00 o’clock
From 1st of October 2014, all PRO Regional Offices (Skopje, Bitola, Shtip, Tetovo and Kavadarci) will operate with prolonged working hour until 18:00 o’clock on working days and 14:00 o’clock on Saturday. Due to overlapping of working hour of many individuals and legal entities with the PRO working hour, the customers often do not have an opportunity during the anticipated time to fulfill their obligations. Therefore, we extend the working hour of the PRO counters and our services will be more accessible to citizens and businesses...
Introduction of GPRS Cash-registers
Introducing GPRS cash-register system for everyday electronic exchange of data between the Information System of the Public Revenue Office and the cash-register of the taxpayer is a legal requirement stipulated in the Law on Registration of Cash Payments started from 31.05.2013...
PRO Director Goran Trajkovski attended the regional conference in Prishtina
Prishtina (30 May 2014) - In order to increase cooperation in the fiscal, financial and economic area, on the initiative of the Ministry of Finance of Kosovo, it was held a Regional Conference on “Intensification of Cooperation, overcoming of economic challenges, increased regional economic cooperation and joint efforts against informal economy”. During the conference, Ministers of Finances and Directors of Tax and Customs Administrations of Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, Croatia and Montenegro...
IOTA Forum “From training to learning and development"
The Public Revenue Office in cooperation with the Intra -European Organization of Tax Administrations (IOTA) in the period from 7 to 9 May 2014 hosts the 11th IOTA Training Forum "From training to learning and development" on which are attending 47 representatives from 28 tax administrations...
Tax Academy - Workshop on "Transfer Pricing"
Skopje - On 27.02.2014, the Tax Academy held a workshop in the Contact Center of the PRO intended for the staff from the Customs Administration of Republic of Macedonia. Through the workshop on "Transfer pricing", the employees in the Customs had opportunity to learn about the definition, fundamentals, concepts and evaluation of the transfer pricing, the policy for establishment of transfer prices in Republic of Macedonia, transaction methods of calculating transfer pricing, external control, evaluation of the risk and policy for formation of transfer pricing in some countries, as well as traditional methods of transfer pricing.

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