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The PRO web-site provides easy access to the latest information about PRO activities and services as well as the taxation in the Republic of Macedonia. The tax information are adjusted to different types of clients with different levels of knowledge and with different needs.
NOTE: The information on this web-site are informal courtesy translation from the original Macedonian language. In case of any inconsistency between the English and the original Macedonian version, the Public Revenue Office makes no representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the fairness, accuracy, completeness or correctness of such translation.

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Twinning Project for improving of the PRO taxpayers services lunched
The role of the modern tax administration is not only to collect taxes, fees and contributions, but to continuously invest in reducing the administrative burden of the taxpayers by improving the tax services and simplifying the procedures. The realization of this Project, financed by the European Union, and the use of the best practices and experiences of the Twinning partner - the Spanish Tax Administration (Agencia Tributaria) will enable strengthening of the quality of the tax services by establishing effective information - communication methods and tools and strengthening of the cooperation between the taxpayers and the Public Revenue Office...
"Site of the Year 2014" - Third place for in the category of state institutions
Skopje - On the manifestation "Site of the Year 2014", which was held on November 12th, 2014 in the Macedonian Opera and Ballet, the website of the PRO won the third place in the category of best site for government / state institutions. In this category won the second place and the won the first place. The selection of the best sites is carried out by eight-member jury and internet visitors in the ratio 60% / 40%, according to technical parameters, design, functionality / usability, content, interactivity and innovation / creativity of the nominated websites...
Closing Conference - IPA Project “Preparation of Study for the Public Revenue Office’s IT system” funded by EU
Skopje – A closing conference was held for the IPA Project “Preparation of Study for the Public Revenue Office’s IT system” funded by EU. The project carried out an analysis and assessment of the current PRO IT system and produced an in-depth Study with setting up standards, recommendations and measurable indicators in order to ensure functional PRO IT system in line with the IT systems of the EU Member States’ tax administrations...
From 1st of October - PRO Regional Offices with a new working hour until 18:00 o’clock
From 1st of October 2014, all PRO Regional Offices (Skopje, Bitola, Shtip, Tetovo and Kavadarci) will operate with prolonged working hour until 18:00 o’clock on working days and 14:00 o’clock on Saturday. Due to overlapping of working hour of many individuals and legal entities with the PRO working hour, the customers often do not have an opportunity during the anticipated time to fulfill their obligations. Therefore, we extend the working hour of the PRO counters and our services will be more accessible to citizens and businesses...
Introduction of GPRS Cash-registers
Introducing GPRS cash-register system for everyday electronic exchange of data between the Information System of the Public Revenue Office and the cash-register of the taxpayer is a legal requirement stipulated in the Law on Registration of Cash Payments started from 31.05.2013...

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