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The Center for data processing of Public Revenue Office and centralized processing of tax returns is one of the projects of PRO which aim is to reduce the administrative barriers in tax procedures.

Businesses and citizens should get services which will not only reduce the expenditures but they will make the time shorter necessary for compliance their tax obligations. Providing services which are users oriented, available and acceptable for different segments of users is solution for reducing administrative barriers and stimulating voluntary compliance of taxes by taxpayers.

The Center for data processing means introducing new technologies and automation of channels through which services of taxpayers are delivered and providing balance between services to clients and expenditures for tax procedures.

As integrative system the Center guarantee security, confidence of information for taxpayers and presents solution which at the same time expenditures are reduced for legal entities and natural persons by voluntary compliance of the tax obligations and expenditures of PRO by tax administrating.

What means realization of this project?

  • Implementing tax policy of simple tax procedures
  • Reducing necessary time for paying taxes
  • Strengthening the fiscal discipline in the Republic of Macedonia
  • Increasing the availability of electronic services
  • Reducing direct contact between tax administration and taxpayers
  • Reducing mistakes in tax returns
  • Timely introducing the changes in obligations and providing information for their compliance
  • Data privacy guaranteed ...

By centralization of data processing and applying modern ways of tax returns processing, local competence of PRO is left and unique way of tax assessment for taxpayers is established, quality data base is built, which is base for equal and fair treatment of taxpayers.


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