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Within the framework of reinforcement the international cooperation with members of European Union, during the period from 17 to 19 of June 2008, at the invitation of PRO, in Macedonia stayed four persons delegation from tax administration of Republic of Hungary, led by the President of Tax and Financial Control Administration, Mr. Janos Sikora.

On the working part of bilateral meeting, the Public Revenue Office presented the achieved results in the past period, as well as the current activities and projects which should be realized during the next period: Project for PRO modernization, Project for Small and Medium Taxpayers, Gold Card for VAT refund, Contact Centre, Centre for data processing, Integrated Collection for Taxes and Social Contributions…

At the same time the PRO Director, Mr. Goran Trajkovski pointed out that one of the strategic determinations is promotion of equal and fair treatment to taxpayers, by improving services, improving control methods…Experience, the same ideas and projects which are realized and should be realized in both tax administrations, are just one more proof that Macedonian Tax Administration is on a good way.

The President of Hungarian Administration for tax and financial control, Mr. Janos Sikora emphasized that the achieved results of Macedonian Tax Administration are exceptional in conditions of drastic reducing tax rates and introducing flat tax. Experiences of the Public Revenue Office are precious, and results are impressive.

As a main conclusion from the work meeting appeared that the achieved results of Public Revenue Office, in conditions of implementing the tax reforms in the Republic of Macedonia is the experience which can be used by other tax administrations in European Union. On the other side, experience of the EU member states and modern administrations as the example of Hungary, it can be used for fast and effective implementation of initiated projects and introduction of the new standards of work in the sphere of tax working, as well as implementation of EU practices in Macedonia.


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