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PRO’s Director General Handover Ceremony

Skopje – On the occasion of handover ceremony, a meeting was held between the newly appointed Acting Director General of the Macedonian Tax Administration, Ms.Sanja Lukarevska and Ms.Anastasija Ilieska, departing the position.
On the meeting several topics were discussed, including the current issues concerning the Public Revenue Office, the challenges, as well as the modernization and upcoming tax reforms.

“To be appointed as Director General of the Public Revenue Office is challenge for each Tax Officer. With my long experience in the Public Revenue Office, to be the “Head Tax Officer“ and to lead and steer the tax administration is great responsibility, especially taking into account the consistent and high expectation to provide just and effective collection of taxes, to serve the economy and to provide high quality services to all citizens.
What I would like to highlight is that my actions and dedication will be streamlined in further achieving the PROs mission and vision, as well as on new quality of the tax reforms based on increasing the transparency, fight against tax evaders, simplifying the procedures for declaring and paying taxes, and of course further advancement of our profession as tax servants”
– said Ms. Sanja Lukarevska on the occasion of her appointment as Director General of the Public Revenue Office.




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