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Bilateral meeting of the first tax servants from Macedonia and Montenegro

                                     The director of the Public Revenue Office Ms. Anastasia Ilieska today (Tuesday) 01.11.2016, in the premises of PRO Headquarters Skopje, met with the delegation of the Tax Administration of the Republic of Montenegro, led by General Director Mr. Miomir Mugosa, accompanied by deputy directors Mr. Sreten Grebovikj and Mr. Dragan Jankovikj.
Both sides, mutually shared the opinion that today's meeting is a good start and an example for further successful cooperation, primarily a good opportunity to discuss constructively directly for the everyday challenges faced by the administrations of the two countries, and particularly from both sides, was welcomed the principle of a helping hand, i.e. cooperation on bilateral level.

The Director of PRO, Mrs. Ilieska expressed her pleasure and emphasized "The visit of the delegation of the Tax Administration of Montenegro is an excellent opportunity to closely discuss about the attitude and approach to taxpayers, to recognize best practices in the operation and discuss key issues that concern authorities in their daily functioning".
The interlocutors exchanged experiences and views about debt management and strategies about access control and e- audit as key themes in the work of both governments.
At the discussion, the interlocutors placed a key emphasis on legal frameworks at their disposal, as well as exchange of information on legislation, which includes tax policy, the process of taxation and modernization, i.e. the introduction and implementation of electronic services for taxpayers, with aim to increase the level of efficiency in the collection.
In the context of the led conversation, Ilieska emphasized that one of the key factors in achieving efficient work and successful results is the exchange of information and good practices, noting that the problems are our challenge in the work itself, the process of modernization and enabling simple and quick service to taxpayers is a top priority and strategic objective of the Macedonian tax administration.
Also, Ilieska emphasized that the PRO is fully oriented towards the fulfillment of the legal obligations, dedicated to increase the level of fair competition, to contribute for increase in the level of tax collection, to reduce the informal economy and allow normal functioning of the state budget functions and all that is in the interest of all citizens.
Moreover, Ilieska added, in the period ahead as PRO, we are fully focused to be closer to taxpayers, through educational programs and meetings, directly with the citizens to raise the awareness and mutual cooperation with an aim the tax policy in the country to be on higher level.

  Furthermore, it was discussed the possible, future joint projects that might be realized by the two administrations, with the emphasis to get as much closer the work and cooperation of tax officials from both countries and thus create a positive climate and sharing of experiences.
The leadership of both administrations mutually expressed unequivocal mutual trust and a favorable climate for cooperation, as an example and encouragement for the other administrations of the countries of the region.
The message is clear, jointly, through mutual bilateral cooperation, harmonized with the EU regulations, to develop relationships, build a spirit of professionalism and in the best possible way, the administrations with its functioning to contribute to the economic development of their countries, said Ms. Anastasia Ilieska, Director of the Public Revenue Office.


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