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Fiscal Education of Youth - Selection of the most creative drawing "What would be the future of the country by paying taxes"

Over 200 high school students took part in the open competition for the most creative drawing on "What would be the future of the country by paying taxes" conducted by the Public Revenue Office from 1st of October till 20th November 2013, within the project "Fiscal Education of Youth".

The drawings of the pupils, not only express their attitudes towards the taxes, the performance of the PRO and the tax servants, their vision for the future of paying taxes, they also express clear messages addressed to all of us - citizens, taxpayers, institutions, social actors... The visual message of youth will be shared with the general public by making the most creative drawing part of the campaign of the PRO ("Submission of Annual Tax Return"). 

„Pay taxes today in order to be happy tomorrow!" (Authors: Fani Angeleska, Sara Bozinoska and Dragana Presheska, SOU „Naum Naumoski Borche“ - Krushevo)

"By non-payment of taxes, the country will not survive!" (Authors: Elena Milanova, Stavre Abgelakov, Aleksandra Kukushev and Trajche Milanov, SMU „Sergej Mihajlov“ - Shtip)

"Equitable allocation, security for all"! (Authors: Marinela Milanova,SOU „Kocho Racin“ - Sveti Nikole)

The most creative drawing from, SOU „Naum Naumoski Borche“ – Krushevo will be part of the PRO campaign “Submission of Annual Tax Return”, which is implemented form 1st of January till 15th of March 2014, and to the young authors of this drawing, the PRO awarded tablet computers.

Besides the symbolic awards, to the students who draw the three most creative drawings, the Director to the PRO - Goran Trajkovski handed recognition for demonstrating exceptional creativity and active participation in the project "Fiscal education of youth" and for the classes in which they belong additionally will be organized one day visit to the tax offices in their municipalities.

To view the Photo Gallery of the event click here.


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