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PRO on the 15-th Forum of the Tax Administrations

As a full member of the Intra-European organization of Tax Administrations (IOTA), from 25 to 26 February 2010, a representative from the Public Revenue Office took part on the 15-th Forum of the Tax Administrations. On the event, held in Sankt Lambrecht, Austria, besides representatives from the IOTA member states, the representatives from the European Commission and OECD also took part.

Within the framework of the Forum, it was adopted the Draft-Program of the IOTA for 2011, as well as it was emphasized the contribution of the Public Revenue Office in the fulfilling its obligations that come from the IOTA Annual Program.

The most important for the PRO is that on this Forum, the Secretary of IOTA brought a decision, in cooperation with the Macedonian tax authorities, a workshop on topic „Tax Havens“ to be held in the Republic of Macedonia.

Useful information

The Public Revenue Office is a member of IOTA from 1997. This International Organization has an aim to deepen the cooperation and the exchange of experiences between 41 Tax Administrations, by participating in seminars, workshops and group meetings on specific areas.


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